Oz Cakes – The Original Australian Cake  Company

Established over 20 years ago, Oz Cakes has been supplying airlines, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, child care centres, elderly care centres, retirement villages, clubs, universities as well as selling to the general public.

Oz Cakes is presently owned and operated by Peter Wilson who has over 45 years experience in the food industry with a unbridled passion for preparing and producing the best quality foods and cakes.

Peter Wilson, an award-winning chef, has worked in and around Melbourne at many award-winning hotels and has catered for the masses at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious events. With the love for his work driving him to continue perfect his craft and hone his expert skills, Peter has traveled abroad to the food capitals of the world including Paris and London as well as visiting other exotic cities to undercover culinary delights and secrets in France, Britain, America and Thailand.

Peter believes that an expert pastry chef and professional baker, should produce products with the best and freshest ingredients available to achieve an outstanding taste sensation.

At Oz Cakes, Peter endeavours to keep the traditions alive by producing only the very best combination of modern cooking techniques, ingredients and modifications to recipes producing mouth watering results that your taste buds will revel in.

Peter Wilson has travelled the globe to taste and sample some of the most delicious and scrumptious cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, tortes, puddings and desserts to develop a ‘global palate’ educating his taste buds to undercover the ultimate in cake taste sensations so he can reproduce it in your cakes and other culinary creations.

Still, several of the most popular best-selling cakes were inspired by Peter’s grandmother’s recipes she baked for him when he was a young child. Peter recalls,“I can remember her in the kitchen baking all day… then placing a towel on the kitchen table and putting the hot tin for everyone to see… She always told me not to touch the cake until everyone was ready. I’m still salivating at the memory of the experience.”

That’s why Oz Cakes focuses on traditional, freshly baked cakes, conscientiously made with the best and freshest ingredients, just the way Peter’s Grandmother used to do it. By following traditional recipes and methods with premium natural ingredients our cakes are fresh, tempting and delicious without the chemical-like taste of pre-made cake mixes. Instead of mass producing in high numbers, we handcraft our cakes and pastries with only the purest and freshest ingredients in limited quantities, combining them with the right balance, in the proper order with attention to detail to bring out, highlight and enhance the final ‘silver spoon’ experience that your taste buds will revel in.

Big is truly beautiful when it comes to cakes. We offer both half and full block cakes that can be cut up into as many as 50 portions that will feed a hungry and happy crowd.

After over 20 years, Oz Cakes has been recognised throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs as the best in flavour and freshness by bringing back the taste and flavour of traditional home baked cakes to your office, home or party.