Full 12”x 8”, Can cut into, 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 portions

Half 12”x 4” , Can cut into, 10 – 20 – 30 portions

  • APPLE/CINNAMON – We use fresh diced apples, sultanas, and a unique blend of spices then drizzle it with special Cream Cheese Icing to please your eyes and tastebuds. The warm spices give this cake its distinctive almost magical flavour. This delectable combination of apple and cinnamon will rock your tastebuds. The tantalising smell of cinnamon combined with juicy sultanas will make your day.

  • APRICOT / PECAN – Roasted Pecan nuts marry well with Apricots and bring out their flavour, so good. This tantalising combination of apricots and roasted pecans produces a delicately contrasting taste sensation. The apricots are glazed with a buttery syrup that’s sweet but not overwhelming.  This delicious cake goes well with freshly brewed coffee or English Breakfast tea.

  • BANANA – Sweet ripe Bananas, crushed pineapple, spices and Cream Cheese Icing. This sweet moist and delicious cake is a perfect coffee or teatime treat. We mush ripe sweet bananas, combine them with juicy crushed pineapple and warm spices, and top it with smooth temptingly creamy cheese icing.  This scrumptious traditional cake is easy to cut into portions and plate serve… and will disappear in minutes after too!

  • CARROT CAKE – Our best selling cake. Our repeat clientele loves the freshly grated carrots in this cake combined with crushed pineapple and balanced with the finest cinnamon. The pineapple adds sweetness, flavour and moisture to the cake.  The cinnamon gives its sweet tones balance, warmth and character.  Our special icing make this cake stand out from the others. This weightless cake is tempting to the eyes and irresistible to enjoy. Our carrot cake is a deliciously moist, lightly spiced cake that cuts well.

  • CHOCOLATE – Dark Chocolate baked to a moist texture and our secret Chocolate Icing gives this cake tempting distinction and flavour. This pure indulgence chocolate goodness is every chocoholic’s wildest dream! It’s thick texture melts in your mouth and makes you feel full and satisfied, longing for more. Delicious moist cake that makes you want to take time to relax and enjoy this delectable treat.

  • ORANGE / POPPYSEED – Oranges pouched and pureed add the zest to this amazing taste sensation. Oranges add fragrant magic and citrus treat.  Our customers love the orange flavour, the zing of the passionfruit and the colour of this cake! Try to restrain yourself to just one slice. The cake is very moist and yummy and it has great crunch from all the poppy seeds. The glaze is delicious. Try it once and you’ll be back for more!

  • PINEAPPLE / MACADAMIA – Roasted Macadamias and crushed Pineapples, pineapple and drizzled with Cream Cheese Icing, Roasted Coconut. This moist and delicious cake with roughly chopped macadamia nuts is the ultimate taste sensation. The macadamia nuts give it a nice nutty flavour and creamy texture. And a great crunch! The pineapples give it an exotic tropical flair. The pineapple is not over powering and compliments the macadamia nuts wonderfully. The icing completes and enhances the entire cake-eating experience. Enjoy!

  • STICKY DATE – Steam baked and just the right blend of flavour Iced with Caramel Icing. This sweet pleasure is highly addictive! It is steam baked to enhance the taste and stimulate the flesh of the dates that will melt in your mouth and have you craving more. It can also be warmed like a pudding. Yummy, filling and so satisfying!

  • LIGHT FRUIT CAKE – A beautiful flavoured Butter cake with Mixed Fruit. Baked in a loaf tin. This light and delicious cake will remind you of summer. It is a perfect balance between cake, nuts, fruit. The secret blend of fruit and its succulent texture will stimulate and enhance your palate. Can be served with ice cream or topped with whipping cream. Wicked!

  • HEAVY FRUIT CAKE – Traditional Fruit cake baked with macerated Mixed Fruit and baked in a loaf tin. You will enjoy the big flavourful slices of sweet, succulent fruits that abound in every bite. Its luscious, fruity texture also makes it ideal to serve warm for dessert. Ultimate comfort food. Great for lunch boxes.