Having travelled through France and discovering the delicious cheeses and the fruit that brings out the flavour and the way they make there Cheesecakes is something you should not miss, here I have incorporated some of the taste sensations.

SIZES: 7”- 4 SERVES :  8”- 12 SERVES :  9”-14 SERVES: 10”- SERVES: CATERING TRAYS 30cm X 40cm SERVES 40

  • CARAMELISED FRENCH APPLE – Biscuit based and filled with our special blend of luscious cream cheese and caramelised apples. The caramelised apples add a unique flavour to the filling. The biscuit base is not too thick, soft and crispy. The rich, phenomenal taste of tender and lightly caramelised apples make this an irresistible treat.
  • LEMON BRULEE – Pastry based and baked filled with our creamy cheese cake mix and lemon custard, finished traditionally with caramelized sugar. This tempting lemon Brulee cheesecake will tempt even the most sweet tooth connoisseurs.  The creamy smooth cheesecake texture melts in your mouth, tantalises your tongue and rocks taste buds. The pastry base keeps it fresh longer. Wickedly delicious!
  • ORANGE CURD – Biscuit based cream cheese cake with a beautiful orange curd baked through and finished with a sour cream custard. This delicious goodness is like tasting fluffy clouds. The biscuit base has a light crust, and the orange curd is magical and heavenly. Not too sweet with a nice hint of sharpness, it will really send you over the edge, and have you back for more!
  • STRAWBERRY – Biscuit based and filled with cream cheese filling and a strawberry centre and finished with glazed fresh strawberries. This strawberry cheesecake is lovely and delicious. The battery thick biscuit base tastes scrumptious and appetising. The reach creamy cheesecake texture contrasts well against those tempting glazed fresh strawberries.
  • PASSIONFRUIT – Biscuit based with our cream cheese filling and a passionfruit glaze. and delights the taste buds with a swirl of tangy passionfruit syrup. This cheesecake comes to you dense and rich with dairy butter, real cream indulgence! You’ll enjoy every bite of this passionfruit temptation. Passionfruit gives it tropical, tempting and even provocative taste and a bright flavour. The creamy texture is absolutely delicious. Wicked!
  • BLUEBERRY – Pastry base baked cheesecake with our famous Blueberry glaze. Made with soft fresh cheese Blueberry glaze is a succulent deep purple tempting and delicious indulgence. Go on reward and treat yourself – or others if you’re feeling generous – and indulge your tastebuds.
  • BLACKFOREST – Chocolate biscuit base with layers of dark Chocolate and White Chocolate cream with macerated cherries and finished with Chocolate shavings and berries. This is the ultimate indulgence with its creamy texture and sweet taste. You will enjoy the delicious dark chocolate layers, creamy consistency and taste. Cutting into this perfect, freshly baked, ‘home-made’ cheesecake is a delightful experience.
  • RASPBERRY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE – Biscuit base white Chocolate cream cheese cake with raspberry centre and finished with white Chocolate curls and raspberry glaze. This offers a dramatic plate presentation. The cheese is very rich and creamy. The raspberry centre makes the cake moist, tasty and tangy.  Wonderful!